Changzhou City Party Committee Fan Yanqing and his party visited Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group

On July 11, Changzhou Municipal Committee Secretary Fan Yanqing, Deputy Mayor of the High-definition, Municipal Party Committee Secretary Cai Jun and Changzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission, People's Bank of China, Power Supply Company and other departments led the party secretary of Fuyang Municipality Sheng Jianliang, acting mayor Su Jianghua, and executive Deputy City. Accompanied by the leader of Long Zhou Wei, Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group researched. Group Chairman and General Manager Ding Shanhua accompanied Feng Shuji and his party to visit the production site of the EHV cable in the West Plant.

At Shangshangxi Xichang District, Secretary Fan listened to Chairman Ding Shanhua's report on the production and operation of the company in the first half of the year and fully affirmed Ding Chairman’s strategic objectives of “fine, special, special, and foreign”. He said that at present the cable industry The competition is very fierce and the industry is generally underemployed. However, Shangshang Group has experienced a promising situation in both production and sales in the first half of the year, which fully shows that Shangshang Cable Products has been recognized by users regardless of quality, price, or service. It is hoped that enterprises will face potential difficulties. Continue to maintain a good momentum of development and sprint 10 billion goals.

In the ultra-high pressure production workshop, Secretary Fan learned about the production and management process of ultra-high voltage cables. He asked the company to speed up the installation and commissioning of ultra-high voltage equipment, and strive to achieve full-scale production as soon as possible. Chairman Ding Shanhua expressed his gratitude to Fan for his concern and support. He said that the target of 10 billion is on the horizon, and the company will do its utmost to strive hard to achieve it at an early date. Chairman Ding also stated that at present, the degree of specialization of enterprises has been further improved. After the 500kV EHV cable is fully put into production, all cable series products with 500kV and below can be produced on the line. Its total production capacity reaches 15 billion yuan, which is the “Twelve Five Years”. During the company's healthy and steady development, it laid a solid foundation.

After the visit, Secretary Fan stressed that in the new round of development of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, in the face of changes in the macro situation and the market, the government and the company must maintain a clearer mind and be good at analyzing the new situation and resolving new conflicts. The competition in the current manufacturing industry has intensified. The costs of raw materials, labor services, finances, and funds have risen. The government must go all out to serve and support enterprises so that they can survive, develop well, transform and upgrade, and adjust the industrial structure in competition. Get rid of the passive situation. Enterprises must unswervingly accelerate innovation and development. Regardless of whether they are products, technologies, or brands, they must target “fine, special, new, and high” direction, and through precision manufacturing, fine management, capital operation, etc., should speed up structural adjustments. Stronger and bigger, fissile development.

Finally, Secretary Fan expressed that the company has confidence in development, and the government will strongly support and provide strong support for the development of the company to provide a full range of services. He also encouraged the upper reaches to further seize market opportunities, maintain the pace of rapid and healthy development, and ultimately become the best in the industry.