Samsung pushes 10-inch tablet against Apple in China

Last weekend, Samsung began selling tablet PC GALAXY Tab 10.1 in the domestic market. This is Samsung's first launch of a 10-inch tablet PC after gaining a 7-inch flat-panel market advantage, and it is facing a confrontation with Apple.

Samsung Tab 10.1 uses Android3.1 operating system, 1GHz dual-core processor, and Apple iPad2 comparable, and in the screen resolution, body thickness, weight, but also ahead of Apple iPad2, the 16GWiFi version of the 3688 yuan price is also With the iPad2 is generally the same.

Insiders believe that with the decline of Nokia, Samsung is likely to become the world's largest mobile phone, so the responsibility to contend with Apple will also fall on Samsung. However, from the point of view of portability, the 7-inch tablet will be the main direction of the market, and Samsung will not be able to continue to consolidate its advantage in the 7-inch flat panel market instead of attacking Apple’s leading position in the 10-inch flat panel market.