Japanese suppliers stop affecting global mobile phone shipments

Japan's Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals, the world's leading provider of mobile chip carrier board materials, has announced a suspension of shipments to its customers. The industry expects that once its suspension period lasts for more than one month, it may directly affect the shipment of handset manufacturers.

It is understood that the BT resin substrate produced by Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals is a carrier board material for mobile phone chips. The company is also the world's largest supplier of integrated circuit board materials, and accounts for about half of the global market share, and its production base is located right in Japan. Island County. Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals said in a notice to downstream companies that although the plant has not collapsed, it is still inspecting production capacity and inventory, suspending shipments and accepting orders from now on.

The suspension of supply of Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals is undoubtedly a heavy blow for handset chip makers, especially for chip makers in Taiwan.

According to several major chip makers in Taiwan, the stocks of these companies can support up to 1 month of production at most. If the suspension is not yet completed, mobile phone chip companies can only stop production, thus directly threatening the downstream. Phone manufacturer. The mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia will all be directly affected. However, some analysts predict that in a country as modern as Japan, its transportation and logistics should be able to recover within a month, and the supply of the entire industry chain will return to normal.

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC has said that its global supply chain and distribution channels have not been affected and are still operating as usual. HTC claims that it will initiate a supply chain that is designed to respond to crises or natural disasters when necessary.