Lenovo Music Pad launches domestic manufacturers' melee

Music Pad, HPad followed, Lenovo, Hanwang you sing me to the stage - a new round of domestic manufacturers Pad war a "touch" that hair.

On March 28th, LePad, Lenovo’s first tablet computer, went on the high profile in Shanghai. Previously, Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo Group, had been “drilling” when attending the “2011 China IT Leaders Summit”, claiming that compared to Apple’s iPad 2, Lenovo’s music Pad is more suitable for Chinese local consumers and has price advantage, and is not afraid of competing with Apple’s iPad.

According to another reporter learned yesterday from Hanwang Technology, Hanwang version of Hpad will also be available in May.

According to reports, Lenovo Music Pad will be one of the important products for Lenovo to develop mobile Internet services. It also designs hardware and software for Chinese users' usage habits and needs. It integrates 3G Internet access, multi-touch touch screens, and dual Android and Windows. System in one.

The reporter saw on the scene of the release yesterday that the LePad was preloaded with a wealth of Chinese applications covering six categories of video, reading, games, music, and instant messaging. Popular games such as Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies were included on the iPad. among them.

According to Chen Xudong, vice president of the Lenovo Group and general manager of the China Region, “Mobile Internet is a strategic business that Lenovo is advancing vigorously, and Le Pad is the first carefully developed tablet PC launched by Lenovo Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group. A wide range of products will also be introduced in succession to apply to a wider range of segments to meet the diverse needs of the market.”

Yang Yuanqing also revealed that there are two teams within Lenovo who are developing the Pad and the second generation in parallel. In September and October of this year, the second generation of Le Pad will be launched.

According to Lenovo insiders, just today, Lenovo will also hold signing ceremonies for strategic cooperation in mobile Internet between Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing in cooperation with Gome, Hongtusanbao and Suning. Subsequently, Le Pad will formally enter 5,000 stores in 400 cities across the country, and the 3G and WiFi versions of the Music Pad will be launched simultaneously.

It is also known that Hanwang Technology will also launch its own HPad in May. In addition to its multi-touch function, the HPad series will also include business application functions such as business card recognition, handwriting recognition, and document annotation. Built-in Hanwang Book City client, there is a steady flow of books, newspapers, magazines and resources for consumers to download.

According to analysis by industry insiders, most of the Pad products that have been or will be launched by domestic manufacturers have different positioning in high, medium and low, and even have products that are less than one thousand yuan, and have a tendency to break into the second and third tier markets. "For domestic manufacturers, only the introduction of differentiated products with differentiated advantages will be able to stabilize the market."

"After Apple detonated the Pad boom, domestic manufacturers repeatedly launched Pad products for the electronics manufacturing industry has a great pulling effect." Huachuang Securities analyst Li Nufang told reporters that in the field of touch screen, the current production capacity of the main supply of Apple in Taiwan, Hewlett-Packard and other international manufacturers, under full production, are still in short supply. At this time, domestic manufacturers have introduced their own Pad products, which will inevitably bring opportunities to companies such as Leybold Tech.

Li Ningfang added that even if Lenovo, Hanwang and other companies have their own design capabilities, most of the production process must rely on leading industries such as Leybold Tech. At the same time, with the trend of becoming increasingly chase for Pad products, Ultrasonic Electronics and Sunlord Electronics also have opportunities.