Home lighting is simple and practical is the king of simple lamps most popular

In recent years, led by the property market, lighting consumption has also become energy-saving, integrated, and intelligent. Professional lighting stores and lighting stores have emerged. The lighting product design also presents a trend of diversification and individuation. Crystal lighting, children's lighting, creative lighting, and all kinds of lighting are readily available. What is gratifying is that, while pursuing personalization, more and more lighting products have begun to pay attention to energy saving, and the concept of green lighting has been recognized by merchants and consumers.

The simplest lamps are the most popular Optoelectronics Qingyuan general agent responsible Miss Yu said that in 2010 appliance lighting business pales in comparison to the past, she believes that the biggest reason is the decoration of fewer people, the Qingyuan property market prices may exist High, it may be more investment. "Some people have two or three suites. They can't live so much. Most of them are used for investment."

Secondly, there are more and more lighting shops and the competition is fierce. "The design style and type of lighting are updated quickly. It is impossible for a store to cover all styles and competition is inevitable." Miss Yu said that despite this, as a brand guarantee The business still has certain advantages, such as after-sales service, manufacturer support and so on.

On the other hand, in the application of products, the lamps and lanterns on the market still take the simplicity and practicality as the mainstream. "Oup's products have always been simple, easy to clean, and more popular." Miss Yu introduced that modern lamps and lanterns are in the "light up" to In the transformation of “cock up”, we pay attention to the decorative and aesthetic effects of lamps. Many consumers do not like complicated decorations, and simple lamps are becoming more and more popular. “Simplicity is not simple, but taste, simple lighting can better reflect the taste of home.”

In addition, the shape, size, color, and material of the lamps and lanterns should be matched with the size of the dining room, the furniture, and the style of the surrounding environment. Nowadays people have a fast pace of life, and the simple, easy, comfortable home environment and interior design are becoming more and more popular. Also, the simple and practical lighting has become the mainstream choice. From incandescent lamps to today's crystal chandelier, hidden downlights, all kinds of spotlights, as well as a variety of creative lighting ... ... lamp styles are ever-changing, but the simple style of the most lasting charm.

Led lights into the home lighting With the popularity of green lighting, energy-saving lighting market is becoming more and more open, while consumers are basically accepting energy-saving lamps. "Our energy-saving lamps are very good for sale. Consumers know the benefits of energy-saving lamps." Miss Yu introduced, in addition to ordinary energy-saving lamps, led lights are also gradually popular. If 2009 is the “significant year” of led landing home lighting, 2010 is the “trying year”, then 2011 is likely to be the “year of entry”.

It is understood that the led light's luminous efficiency is very high, life is very long, its luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times that of fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps 13 times. The luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps is very low, only 5% of the electrical energy is converted into light energy, and 95% of the electrical energy is wasted.

With the rapid development of the LED industry in the lighting field, traditional lighting giants hope to make lighting products more innovative by introducing new light sources. Led new light source to promote the lighting design innovation, to a large extent, changed the concept of lighting, so that the lamp in the visual and shape of the creative performance has a greater flexibility. Home lighting will be more energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humane development.

"The price of led light is several times higher than that of ordinary energy-saving lamps. Consumers are not willing to accept it." Miss Yu said that although the prospect of led lighting in the field of home lighting is optimistic, but in the moment, the led lights on the market are because Problems such as high prices, backward technology, and market confusion have largely affected consumer confidence in such products.

Because of the cost of the led lights, there is no competitive advantage in terms of price. Although the LED lamp meets the concept of low-carbon consumption and green consumption, the price of hundreds of yuan is still prohibitive for many customers. In response to this phenomenon, Miss Yu calculated another account for the reporter:

"A lot of people think that the price of led lamps is too high to be accepted, but if they are considered from a long-term perspective, led lamps need much more power and money than traditional light bulbs. We can calculate that ordinary incandescent lamps do not exceed 2000 hours of service life. On the spiral energy-saving lamps up to no more than 8000 hours, and led lights can theoretically use 1000000 hours, almost no replacement, and from a power-saving point of view, led light source in the same lighting effect than traditional light energy saving more than 80%, such a Calculate, in fact, it is more cost-effective to buy led lights."