Tai Yong: From the 2011 Asian Games to see the new development of low-voltage electrical industry

Theme background :

The stable and sufficient power supply is the key to the successful hosting of various events in the Guangzhou Asian Games. In the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, as an Asian Games supplier, the extensive participation of many excellent low-voltage electrical companies, the effective application of new products and new technologies ensured the smooth convening of this event. At the same time, the low-voltage electrical industry also ushered in a new round of development.

Then let us walk into these excellent companies and listen to their opinions.

1: As a supplier to the Asian Games, nothing is wrong. Your company's products have played an important role in escorting this grand event. What do you think you need to have as an Asian Games supplier? Compared with similar products, what are the advantages of your company's products?

   The standard for hosting the Asian Games is to hold a "Asian Asian Asian Games and a moving Asian civilization, and to move the world" as the theme. As the most important sporting event in Asia, each product supplier has strict standards. The selection criteria have raised higher requirements in terms of product reliability, environmental protection, and low-carbon energy saving. Taiyong Technology has been focusing on the ATSE field for nearly two decades, especially when it is applied to this product. The dual power products of the Asian Games are newly developed products of our company. If the core parameters such as the use category and conversion time are all ahead of the international first-class brands, the finite element analysis is introduced during the product design and R&D phase, during the manufacturing process. ROHS and other environmental directives were introduced to respond to the call for green environmental protection in the Asian Games.

The TYT brand has become the first brand in the field of dual power supply in China. The products are widely used in the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo, and the Shenzhen Universiade. They have accumulated rich experience in dual power supply systems in sports venues, such as dual power supply selection in TV broadcast centers. The dual-supply selection suggestions for fire-fighting systems such as requirements, emergency, etc., and the application of the diesel engine group ATSE, and the monitoring system connected to the upper computer, etc., all provide a complete solution, and it is precisely because of the brand influence in the industry. The product quality, rich industrial application experience and perfect solutions are only fortunate to be the choice of Asian Games.

2: The convening of the Guangzhou Asian Games will bring together people of insight from all over the world to gather in Guangzhou. As a supplier to the Asian Games, what kind of role do you think the Asian Games held to promote corporate branding? What are the positive implications for the future development of the company?

The Asian Games is the theme of “Movement Asia, Move the World”. More than 2 million live audiences, hundreds of millions of global audiences watched this exciting event. In itself, Tai Yong Technology can provide products for such sports feasts. And service is a kind of honor. It is also a national brand that can contribute to the development of the national sports industry. This is exactly the same as Tai Yong’s corporate vision of “shaping an internationally-renowned brand”. Of course, it can become this way. The suppliers of major competitions are very helpful to the market influence of enterprises and products and the credibility of the brand. Just like when the Beijing Olympics was held, the airport special line, the Olympic line, line 10 and so on carried many athletes and spectators all over the world. The dual power supply part of the subway line of the transportation task was selected by Tai Yong's products, which caused great repercussions in the industry. The Shenzhen Special Zone Daily also made special interviews and reports, which had a profound impact on our brand, market and other aspects. .

At the same time of harvesting this honor and joy, we also feel that our shoulders have a great responsibility. We will continue to uphold our corporate development mission of “developing national industry and providing safe and reliable electrical products and services for users around the world” and stick to our autonomy. The road to brand development provides users with better products and services.

3: From the perspective of the application of electrical equipment, what advantages and disadvantages do you think these products have over the past during the Asian Games? Which new technologies and concepts are embodied?

From the requirements of the bidding documents for electrical equipment, higher requirements are placed on the reliability of the products. For example, the types of use, the conversion time, etc. are clearly stipulated. At the same time, the expert group also emphasized the low-carbon energy saving and green products. Environmental protection, which is consistent with the standards of the meeting held by the Asian Games, should also be a reflection of the development trend of the future electrical industry.

4: Do you think that the convening of the current Asian Games in Guangzhou has what kind of driving effect on the development of the electrical industry?

The holding of the Asian Games is a competition and competition among Asian athletes. Similarly, in the construction of many of its infrastructure facilities, it is also a competition and competition among related product suppliers. In the case of low-voltage electrical products, from the dual-power products In terms of the selection requirements, the brand's influence is placed first, and the product adoption standards reflect the convergence of the GB14048.11-2008 version and the IEC60947-6-1 international standard, which means that from a technical point of view, Domestic brands and international brands are at the same level of competition; circuit breaker competition is even more so; brand influence has played a decisive role; even if domestic brands and foreign brands have almost the same technical parameters, the brand's influence is much different. This also puts forward higher requirements for the brand construction of our national industry; in short, it can summarize the impact of the Asian Games on the electrical industry as follows: Focusing on the accumulation of brand building and industry application experience, product characteristics emphasize miniaturization and intelligence. , Modularization and composition, while also requiring low-carbon energy, green environmental protection.

5: As the market competition becomes more and more intense, each company is actively seeking new interest growth points. How do you think a company can achieve greater results in market competition?

Taiyong itself is a national brand that has grown up in fierce competition. To be invincible in the market competition and even to stand out, at least three things need to be done: First, clarify market positioning and strengthen brand building. In this regard, foreign-funded enterprises have accumulated rich experience and are places we need to learn from them. Any emerging brand must do a good job of market segmentation in order to select the market segment that suits its survival and development. Market positioning; only when the market positioning is clear will there be targeted brand building programs. The current very popular phrase is to change “Made in China” to “Created in China,” which is also an indication of the brand building of the national industry. Insufficient, especially in the face of foreign companies' aggressive acquisition of local brands, it is highly commendable to insist on relatively difficult self-owned brand construction. Taiyong has always placed national brand building as a long-term strategic goal of the company, and has achieved domestic brands from dual power sources. The first to the acquisition of Guizhou Changzheng Low Voltage Electrical Appliances Division, reshaping the Long March " Nine "brand influence, were indicative of the importance of this strategy. Second, taking customer demand as the direction, this is a cliché problem, but many things are easy to understand. From a marketing point of view, only after the market segmentation can we truly be oriented to customer needs because each segment market The customer has its own characteristics, and its popular marketing without spreading features is not as selective as differentiating marketing that meets the needs of customers in specific markets. At this point, it is also the key to building market competition barriers. 3. Emphasizing talent strategy and technological innovation, opportunities for traction, talent traction technology, and technical traction products. China's low-voltage electrical industry has a market share of more than 50 billion yuan. It should be said that everyone is equal in terms of opportunities, but it is also in the face of these opportunities. Enterprises can not grasp, some companies can not grasp, in the final analysis, is the problem of personnel development, whether there is sufficient human resources to analyze opportunities and threats, thus introducing technological innovation, and transforming innovative ideas into competitive products In order to win the advantage of market competition; only the virtuous circle of the above three points can truly be Vitality and competitiveness of enterprises. switch

6: Today, energy-saving, emission-reduction and green energy have become the global topic of common concern. This theme has also been well represented and applied at the Guangzhou Asian Games. In the future, how will your company integrate energy-saving, environmental protection and intelligence into products? In research and development?

Lighting fixtures ignore the energy consumption of dual-power supply switching devices and circuit breakers. In fact, in the civil buildings, ATSE and circuit breakers have been used in a large number of applications. The temperature rise is also an important factor in determining energy consumption. The reliability of a product not only determines its own application effect, but also affects the reliability of the entire distribution system. Therefore, we believe that every manufacturer should start from their own, energy saving regardless of size, environmental protection, regardless of height, Only the energy saving of each detail can truly win the greater energy saving of the system; the ROHS Environmental Protection Directive was introduced into the new generation of products of Tai Yong Technology and Long March Switching, highlighting the green environmental protection of the product, and will soon introduce the market to meet everyone, letting Let's wait and see!

It should be said that the development of Taiyong has always been in sync with the two themes of environmental protection and intelligence. In the process of research and development of new products, we constantly increase our efforts in scientific and technological innovation, constantly trying new materials, new concepts, new technologies, and trying to apply them to the company's products. Through intelligent, environmental friendly and user-friendly design concepts, the company has established its leading position in the industry.