NVIDIA 28nm notebook graphics front: or Fermi architecture

NVIDIA 28nm notebook graphics front: or Fermi architecture When everyone looked forward to the "Kepler" architecture, NVIDIA's 28nm new technology notebook graphics cards were all exposed, but they did not use the new architecture, but they still used the "Fermi" architecture, which is only equivalent to the GeForce 500M A series of evolutionary versions of the craft.

The specific model of the new family has not yet been determined. It is customary to use the GeForce 600M series and the development code is the N13 series, which continues the naming of the GeForce 500M N12 series and continues to be divided into three levels: Mainstream N13M (Mainstream), Performance Grade N13P (Performance), enthusiast grade N13E (Enthusiast).

By Intel, AMD have integrated high-performance graphics core in the processor, the low-end graphics card will no longer exist, N13M mainstream series also only a "N13M-GS", bit width or 64-bit, memory The particles are also DDR3, thermal design power consumption 15-20W. The estimate should be the GF119 core, replacing the GeForce GT 520M.

Performance level N13P-GV seems to be GF119 core, 64-bit wide, but the memory particles use GDDR5 instead. The N13P-GL and N13P-LP bit widths are all upgraded to 128-bit, but the memory chips are degraded to DDR3. The former thermal design power consumption is 25-30W. The memory capacity of the above models may be dominated by 1GB.

N13P-GS, N13P-GT should be GF116 core, 128-bit DDR3/GDDR5 memory, capacity up to 2GB, thermal design power consumption were 25-30W, 30-35W, 3DMark Vantage P performance level performance were respectively P9000, P10000 .

N13E-GE appears to be the product of GF116 core, 128-bit 2GB GDDR5 memory, thermal design power continues to rise to 40-45W, performance rose to P11000.

The N13E-GS1 will definitely need to be replaced with a GF114 core because the memory has a 256-bit bit width and a 2GB GDDR5 capacity. The performance soars to P15000, and the thermal design power consumption also increases significantly to 70-45W.

Finally is the flagship N13E-GTX, it seems that should be based on the N13E-GS1 open more stream processors and higher frequencies, performance breakthrough P20000 mark, and thermal design power consumption is still only 70-75W, phase Compared to the 40nm process GeForce GTX 580M terror 100W greatly reduced.

Both the N13M and N13P series will complete their samples at the beginning of October this year and will be put into mass production at the end of December. The release time should naturally be the first quarter of 2012.

The N13E-GE is also scheduled for sampling in early October. The N13E-GS1 may have to wait until early November. However, the volume production time for both is January 2012 and is expected to be launched in the first quarter of next year.

The N13E-GTX is the slowest. It will not be trial production until early next year.

If you want to see Kepler in your notebook, you have to wait until the second half of 2012. The model should also be the GeForce 700M.