Sony Releases Three Strategies for Global TV Business in 2011

China Electronics and Information Industry News reporter Miao Xiaojie On March 29th, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. released in Shanghai in 2011 new BRAVIA spring LCD TVs, including HX920, HX820, HX720, NX720, EX720 five series 17 models High-performance LCD TVs that support 3D capabilities. At the same time, Oda Livin, Senior Minister of the First Division of the Sony Home Entertainment Business Group, announced three major strategic priorities for Sony's global TV business in 2011:

The first is to provide higher image quality, launch a new generation of X-Reality and X-Reality PRO sharp image processing engines independently developed by Sony, and continue to consolidate the image quality leading edge in the 3D and Internet era. . As an upgraded version of the BRAVIA Engine, the new X-Reality applies an intelligent MPEG noise reduction function on the basis of the BRAVIA Engine3 to effectively reduce noise; intelligent image enhancement enhances sharpness and optimizes color and contrast. The X-Reality PRO engine has a powerful internal information library. It intelligently compares the details of the image information in terms of hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and other details, effectively repairing the loss of details that may occur in the process of signal compression and transmission, enabling ordinary TV programs. , 3D content, and even low-resolution network video picture quality has been effectively improved. At the same time, Sony also released new Motionflow XR double speed technology and Intelligent Peak LED intelligent sharp LED backlight technology and other image quality enhancement technology.

The second is to deepen the high-definition 3D strategy. Sony stressed that high-definition 3D is not only a TV strategy, but Sony's 3D new army this year will include other product lines besides televisions such as home video cameras and computers. In this conference, Sony announced the Handycam's first home-grade 3D HD digital video camera, the HDR-TD10E, plus the recently released 1080p HD 3D movie on a 16-inch, high-contrast, 16-inch widescreen monitor. Image of the new VAIO F series 3D laptop VPCF219FC, Sony currently has seven major series including LCD TVs, Blu-ray players, home audio, game consoles (not listed in China), digital cameras, digital video cameras, and laptops Civil 3D products.

The third is to promote network television services. As early as 2007, Sony has launched an Internet TV service in the US market. This year, Sony BRAVIA TV will also implement some network service functions in China. At the press conference, Sony announced that it had cooperated with China’s largest Internet content provider Hua Digital to enter the Chinese Internet TV market. This is in cooperation with LG at the end of last year and cooperation between LG and Sharp in mid-March of this year and Shanghai Vision Media Group's subsidiary BesTV. Another domestic Internet TV license company and foreign brand TV companies jointly explore the Internet TV market. Since last year, the camp of domestic TV brands has successively accessed the platform of the Internet TV content integration licensee to gain an early opportunity. Sony's cooperation with Fang Hua, previously had established exclusive Internet TV cooperation with TCL, Changhong and Hisense, and achieved non-exclusive Internet TV cooperation with Haier and Skyworth. LG, Sharp, Sony and other multinational corporations have begun frequent intensive Internet TV campaigns in China's Internet TV market, indicating that the Chinese and foreign brands’ frontal confrontation is about to fully begin in the Chinese Internet TV market.