Wire and Cable Industry Data Analysis Report

Wire and Cable Industry Data Analysis Report I. Export data analysis of wire and cable industry from January to May, 2010 1.1. Wire and Cable 1.2. Key Products - Ignition Routing Sets and Other Routing Groups for Motor Vehicles 1.3. Key products - coaxial cable and other coaxial electrical conductors 0

Second, April-June, 2010 China Manufacturing Network wire and cable industry data analysis 2.1. Inquiry volume trend 2.2. Click volume trend 2.3. Search Hot Keywords TOP20
2.4. Vendor distribution 2.5. Distribution of overseas buyers (by enquiry)
2.6. Overseas Buyer Distribution (Clicks)

Third, popular keyword suggestion 3.1. Power Cable
3.2. Coaxial Cable
3.3. Lan Cable
3.4. High-Definition Multimedia Cable (HDMI Cable)