AOC and other Taiwanese companies push new products to seize the summer market

Taiwan's summer promotion activities began one after another, the system foundry big factory TPV TPV's screen brand AOC, as well as the panel maker OC Optronics Group's own brand BenQ BenQ, etc., recently launched new large-size LCD products.

AOC launched a new 23-inch LED LCD monitor, emphasizing narrow frame design and flagship performance specifications, and a series of sweepstakes in conjunction with Fox Film's latest movie "Glacier Adventures 4: Plate Drift". The new product is priced at NT$5,988. , grab the business opportunities in the summer vacation.

BenQ BenQ is expected to officially release the 3D Smart LED large LCD 42吋E42-6500 that will provide the localized Apps app next week. BenQ emphasizes that this new 3D Smart LED large LCD integrates a wealth of preschool education apps tailored for parent-child education, making it easy for mothers and children to learn together.

Mesh LED Display is only 50% much lower power consumption comparing to conventional LED Display. It selected the special LEDs and high efficiency power supplies.With over70% high transparency rate,can see through and is suitable for glass wall mounting. Over 6500 nits high brightness and vivid color is suitable for all outdoor environment. IP67 IP rating high protection level for whole of the screen, completely protected from water and dust of various weather condition with long life span. 10 to 18kg/m² gross lightweight and super slim screen is easy to install and save installation space.Easy maintenance for both front and rear service are available.

Description:Outdoor decorative LED mesh curtain screen is the perfect architectural decoration patterns in the daytime and night. And it becomes Led Display Screen to display image and video at night;Outdoor decorative Led Curtain Screen is ultra light weight design, which is easy to install. The convenient installation help everyone can install it easily by oneself. It can be packaged in one CMB which is save a lot in transportation. It is not only good for transport but also good for maintenance. Front and back maintain are available due to its special design;LED curtain mesh screen can be installed directly on the wall or glass. The hollow design makes permeability up to 70% which is conducive to ventilation and lighting. The exquisite appearance is good for decoration of shopping mall, hotel, office building and 5s shop etc;The frame shell save install material can be fixed easily. High-intensity sealed lamp with high quality up to IP67 protection level. The beautiful patterns can be customized for customer;LED curtain mesh screen can display text, image and video. Low power consumption is also good for long life span;IP67 protection rate features waterproof, anti-dust, wind resistant and anti-corrosion which is suitable for all kinds of using environment;LED curtain mesh screen is very easy to set up. The cabinet was designed by our engineer very attentively and adopted advanced technology to manufacture which support front and rear installation. Cooling with wind is environment friendly and make noise free;LED mesh curtain screen is widely used in stadium, shopping mall, 5s car shop and theme park etc.

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