Taiyuan Jingdian has launched a number of silicon substrate LED epitaxial technology research

Crystal Power officially splits into the silicon substrate LED from the sapphire substrate. In addition to switching to Bridgelux, Jingdian has also begun to study the silicon substrate LED epitaxial technology. Following TSMC's solid-state lighting and Liansheng, the addition of Jingdian has established a cost competitive advantage for silicon substrate LEDs.

Jingdian pointed out that the sapphire substrate has been developed to more than 6 inches, and the substrate cost is high. Considering the cost performance of LED, the silicon substrate of 6 inches or more has more cost advantages. Therefore, the company has developed a number of silicon substrate LED epitaxial technologies. However, due to cost and yield considerations, it is not possible to determine the mass production time.

Jingdian has launched a number of silicon substrate LED epitaxial R&D programs. One of the 8-inch silicon substrate LED epitaxial cases jointly developed with ITRI will officially enter the experimental production stage in the second half of this year. Jingdian has purchased 8-inch experimental equipment. As long as these experimental equipments are mass-produced, the progress of mass production of crystal silicon substrate LED epitaxy may be earlier than TSMC solid-state lighting.

The crystal power indicates that there is no conflict between the development of the epitaxial R&D and the investment in the silicon substrate. In the future, Puri will focus on design, while Jingdian will focus on manufacturing. In addition, Purui's technology patents and crystal power do not conflict. Therefore, even the competitor of the crystal power investment in Purui does not affect the development of the epitaxial wafer of the crystal self-owned silicon substrate.

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