Reddeck 2011 earnings per share of NT$2.93 Q2 profit is expected to double

On June 25, the Frederick Shareholders passed a dividend of 2.8 yuan in Taiwan. With the popularity of LED lighting applications, Redditch's June revenue is expected to hit a new monthly high, and the second quarter profit is expected to double.

The Frederick Shareholders' Meeting passed the 2011 financial report. Redtek's 2011 gross profit margin was 49.71%, and the net profit after tax was NT$79.06 million. The earnings per share was 2.93 yuan.

The demand for LED lighting has been warming since March, and the economic scale of Reddike has also begun to appear in March. Reddick has high hopes for the growth of the second quarter, and it is not difficult to estimate EPS to reach 1 yuan.

Redick's recently launched "polycrystalline package reflector" benefited from the widespread LED lighting in Japan, entering the supply chain of Sharp and Nichia, and shining in the indoor and commercial lighting market in Japan, which is expected to add to the operation in the second half of the year. Growth momentum. Redick said that this year's revenue will grow by at least 30%, and the profitability will grow by 50%.

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