Japan's NTT Docomo plans to launch a touch phone with full color OLED display

Japan's telecom giant NTT Docomo officially launched a "transparent touch phone", which not only uses a pure white design, but also displays a transparent display, which can see objects that penetrate to the other side, and is now ready to launch. .

According to the latest news from Japan, the display of this transparent mobile phone is mainly made up of a full-color OLED transparent display, and its display has touch functions on both sides, so whether it is a slide, switch or various mobile phones. Functional operation can be performed simultaneously on both the front and the back.

Because this new product uses a transparent display, it is far less bright and resolution than the smart phone display. Not only is the display not clear when it is used normally, but even under the big sun, the visibility is still low.

This transparent phone has not yet released any specifications, NTT Docomo is expected to be unveiled at the "WIRELESS JAPAN 2012" conference in Japan.

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