Philips believes that the Asian LED lighting market will increase by more than 70% in the future

LED lighting, as an emerging industry, has made breakthroughs in the technical level, and is making the entire lighting industry undergo a comprehensive transformation from traditional lighting to LED lighting. The application range of LED lighting technology is gradually expanding, breaking through the limitations of traditional lighting.

At the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair, Philips Lighting launched a comprehensive LED lighting integrated solution tailored to the specific needs of local customers for each segment of the city's landscape, roads, offices, industry, business and home, reflecting its LED Innovation and leadership in lighting.

Marc de Jong, CEO of Philips Lighting's Professional Lighting Solutions Business Unit, said: "LED innovations not only help save energy, but also provide unlimited possibilities for the future development of society. Through innovative LED lighting solutions can help people more Effective learning, more peace of mind, more focused work, and more enjoyable shopping. Currently, China is applying LED technology and products faster. The Asian LED lighting market is expected to grow by 70%-80% in the future.”

Liang Hanfeng, president of Philips Lighting Division in Greater China, said: “We will continue to increase investment and support in the Chinese market and achieve 50% of the total business volume of LED business in 2015. Now we are building a customer-centric market in China. Research, design, development, procurement, manufacturing, and marketing of “end-to-end” customer value chains; and accelerate the strategic transformation from a lighting product component manufacturer to an integrated lighting solution provider to create a business model closer to the local market. To better meet the needs of local customers in each market segment."

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