Japanese government requests suspension of production and sales of incandescent lamps

According to reports from Japanese media, as a measure to save electricity during the summer, the Japanese government has consolidated its policy of requiring home electric stores and manufacturers to suspend the sale and production of incandescent lamps.

It is learnt that the Japanese government will issue a request statement to the industry groups consisting of large-scale home appliance retailers and manufacturers in the name of Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Yukio Yoshino and Minister of Environment and Honoya Hosoya. The industry also expressed its willingness to accept this request. The move aims to promote the transition from incandescent light bulbs to low-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) and reduce power demand. This is the first time that the Japanese government has requested a suspension of sales and production of a specific product.

The LED lamp consumes about 20% of the incandescent lamp and has a lifetime of about 40 times that of an incandescent lamp. Therefore, although the price of LED lights is high, it is cost-effective in the long run. Although the bulb type fluorescent lamp is cheaper than the LED lamp and has the same power saving effect as the LED lamp, the service life is shorter. At present, Toshiba Corporation of Japan has stopped producing incandescent lamps, and major manufacturers have begun to produce LED lamps.

The Japan Institute of Energy Economics estimates that if all the incandescent and fluorescent lamps currently used are replaced by LED lights, Japan’s annual electricity consumption can be reduced by 9%, which is equivalent to the power generated by 13 nuclear power plant units.

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