Briefly describe the mechanism, type, characteristics and use of fluorescent lamps

The earliest fluorescent lamps of the lamp were designed according to the diameter and are still widely used. Most of these fluorescent lamps are coated with a halogen phosphate phosphor and filled with hydrogen. This series of lamps has the following lengths and power meters. Also, the lamp is filled with hydrogen and hydrogen, which can be installed in a fluorescent lamp to replace the lamp to improve efficiency. Lamps with fluorescent lamp diameters have only recently begun to be produced. The most significant of these lamps is its energy-saving features. The lamps are filled with a mixture of hydrogen and hydrogen.

In order to save energy, people began to develop fluorescent lamps, which are used to directly replace the hydrogen-filled tubular fluorescent lamps operating with the switch-starting circuit. It uses a small diameter and is filled with a hydrogen-hydrogen mixed gas, which makes it have the same lamp voltage and current as the original lamp in the same circuit. The lamp can be directly installed in a fluorescent lamp with a starter to replace the lamp. But it can emit the same light with less power than the lamp. That is to say, the lamp filled with the hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas is more efficient than the tube filled only with hydrogen.

The main reason for the increase in efficiency is that the hydrogen used in the lamp reduces the loss of the electrode. The power of the lamps is , they can replace the lamps of the same length and working in the switch starting circuit. The commonly used lamps in lighting are generally coated with the following three kinds of phosphor halophosphate phosphors, the color rendering index is three primary color phosphors, and the color rendering index can reach a newly developed multi-spectral phosphor, and the color rendering index can be as high as above. However, compared with the halophosphate powder and the tribasic toner, the efficiency is slightly lower.

Generally, such lamps are coated with a halogen phosphate phosphor and filled with nitrogen. The lamp also has four standard white light color temperatures. This small diameter, low power fluorescent lamp is particularly suitable for use in emergency lighting. High-gloss single-ended fluorescent high-gloss single-ended fluorescent lamps are designed to replace straight-tube fluorescent lamps in advanced commercial lighting. It is typically used in a compact, specially designed luminaire that can replace a straight tube type fluorescent lamp that is twice as long as it has four pins at one end. The size and power of the main lamp are now produced. This type of lamp uses a highly efficient three-primary phosphor with a color rendering index of around.

The life of an ordinary incandescent lamp is about an hour, while the life of a compact fluorescent lamp can last up to an hour. Although there are many varieties of compact fluorescent lamps of each type, their main ones can be divided into three basic types. The self-contained ballast or integrated energy-saving lamp is equipped with a complete set of control circuits such as ballasts and starters, and is equipped with a screw cap or a plug-in lamp cap. The circuit is usually enclosed in a housing, and some of the tubes are also fitted with a protective cover. The protective cover can be transparent, prismatic milky white or with a reflector and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Performance Standards for Fluorescent Lamps The main criteria for measuring lamp performance are light output, lumen maintenance, color characteristics, and lamp life. The diameter, length, power, electrode design, phosphor and fill gas parameters of the lamp can affect the performance of the lamp. In lighting applications, there are also factors outside the lamp that also affect the performance of the fluorescent lamp. The two main points are the ambient temperature and control circuitry. For compact fluorescent lamps, the ignition point of the lamp affects the performance of the lamp and is one of the important factors.

There are also special-colored fluorescent lamps, which are specially designed for special effects in hotels, dance halls, restaurants, etc. Different production plants have their own dedicated phosphor series and catalogues, from which users can view the variety of fluorescent lamps with the required technical parameters. There is also a fluorescent lamp for indicating illumination. Such lamps are often referred to as "xenon lamps", although most of them are low-pressure mercury discharge lamps coated with phosphors, which are actually fluorescent lamps.

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