Energy-saving design measures for electric lighting in large and medium-sized shopping malls

Lighting new technology, large and medium-sized, bargaining measures Zhang Fangyuan Jiangsu Province State-owned Huaihai Farm Sheyang County Abstract Large and medium-sized shopping mall lighting design should be designed in accordance with modern green lighting, good lighting environment, meet business requirements, and achieve business goals. This paper combines design practice, analyzes the existing problems in the lighting design of large and medium-sized shopping malls, and proposes corresponding functional design measures.

At the same time, the illumination of the window illumination should not be lower than the vertical illumination of the business hall should be no less than 23 times the vertical illumination of the business hall. And the ceiling wall illumination should have a uniform uniformity.

Location class reference plane and height illuminance standard value 13, general store business hall-like area 0.75 water level counter counter surface shelf 0.5 claw vertical surface display cabinet window goods located in the plane indoor market market business hall 0.75 water level optional shopping mall business hall 0.75 water level 3 Reasonably lighting and selecting lamps are mostly in the case of rules and irregularities, and the word beam is mostly. Liang Gao is about 5, and the usual measure is to install a ceiling light in the middle of the beam and it is not desirable.

2 This method is preferable to chandeliers in the beam, but if a branch-type incandescent chandelier is used. The power consumption is large, and the light color is not ideal. If the variable branch type energy-saving fluorescent light source is used, the power saving effect is remarkable compared with the incandescent lamp. The lamp can be separated according to the size of the illuminated area and the building standard. Reduce the number of branches. To meet different illumination requirements.

3.2 Light strip laying on the ceiling canopy is a relatively common lighting tool, because the parameters of the lamp are optimized, and the purpose of optimization is to save energy and high light, and the light color is good.

4 Actively adopt high-efficiency and energy-saving fluorescent lamps. 4.1 Single-ended fluorescent lamps, also known as compact fluorescent lamps, are called energy-saving lamps. There are many forms of structure. There are 22 teams 31 and 3 children 3, etc., its light color is good, color rendering is strong; its luminous efficacy is 57 times that of incandescent lamps, life is 5 times that of incandescent lamps, and a shopping mall 霈00 0 is incandescent light. Switch to now! 0, 0 of 20 said the single Jing energy-saving lamps. According to the person's 1 relationship, it is assumed that the current internationally advanced energy-saving light source energy-saving basic color fluorescent lamp can be used for 6 years, and the rare earth-based phosphor is coated. Its luminous efficacy is 651. It is 6 times of the average value of ordinary incandescent light. The service life is more than 3000. It is 3 times of color rendering index of Zengtong incandescent lamp. 80 brightness is higher than that of fluorescent lamp. Assuming a shopping mall, 00 incandescent lamps are the light source of the hanging bar lanterns. According to the equivalent relationship of the approximation, the basic color energy-saving fluorescent lamp of 16 has the same lighting effect as 100 incandescent lamps. It is assumed that 61 can be used for 1 year and can save 8396.

Since the 1970s, the world's low-pressure fluorescent tubes have been developed in the direction of thin tube compaction. In the past, the diameters of the fluorescent tubes produced in China were 4051 and 38, both of which were reduced due to the application of primary phosphors or excellent halogen powders. Lamp surface load. In the tube, a mixture of cyanide and cyanide is sealed. In Europe, 26, a fluorescent lamp is developed. In Japan, a 281-tube fluorescent lamp is developed. The power saving rate is high. China has successfully developed the first generation of light-duty light 136 slaves. 2677, compared with the old-style Ding 240邛, thick tube fluorescent lamp, the color rendering index reached 97. Compared with Ding 12, the 76-year-old life was taken, and a mall-like photo would need 1000 Ding 240 to know 38 claws, 1 thick tube fluorescent lamp. The other conditions of Type 8 are the same as the above example, and the power-saving 876 is promoted from 5. The common inductive ballast of the electronic ballast is used for ballasting, but the consumed electric energy is matched to the stomach 040. 6 loud. The sputum flash is seriously polluted. The short-life modern electronic ballast uses the high-frequency ignition to make the 箕 have the advantages of fast starting speed, no noise and no stroboscopic, and the coefficient light efficiency is lifted off by 15, and the power saving is 20 or more.

The power factor can be above 9 and the power of each electronic ballast is about 2.5.

The electronic ballast can save at least 32 claws and 1 瞀 light lamps for the whole year. Then at least the electricity can be saved throughout the year due to the electronic ballast to improve the efficiency of the light source. Some luminaires can also be saved.

6 Actively adopting new light sources is three times that of incandescent lamps. The life is 9 times that of incandescent lamps, and the ochre light with incandescent lamps 6 I think that 40,150 from the 14-out lamp is most suitable for shopping malls, designing the practice of fluorescent lamps and light sodium lamps, gold halide lamps, lights, It is a commercial-efficiency energy-saving lamp with large-scale shopping mall-like lighting. The 6.2-type tungsten halogen lamp is a new glass lighting product developed in recent years by using a thick glass parabolic reflector and a specially designed optical transmission. In order to emphasize the attraction of the object being photographed. The light that strikes the display is at least five times higher than its weekly 8 level. For shopping malls and display lighting life is 2.5 times incandescent, color rendering index is as high as 0 I 31 has produced 2202212 two kinds of voltage and type tungsten halogen lamps and 50 sense 2, six 1 type floodlights early 5 in the United States 1 Large area in the mall. It is both energy efficient and applicable.

7 Adopting automatic lighting control system 7.1 Ultrasonic switching system æ›° Panasonic Corporation introduced an ultrasonic switching system suitable for off-level energy-saving control. The basic principle is to use the squeaking sound wave to detect the customer's coming and going. Turn off lighting fixtures to produce special lighting and power-saving effects. This system is suitable for some key lighting and display counter lighting. 7.2 Microcomputer automatic control system is designed to be used in the evening, but it is often turned on during the day. To compensate for the lack of natural light. When the weather is brighter, it is often forgotten to turn off the lights. Sometimes, for local needs, it is often necessary to turn on the lights in a large area, causing Dadong's electric energy to be wasted. A good way to solve this problem is to use an automatic lighting control system. This type of system is designed to meet the number of light switches and the illuminance requirements set first, in order to save power reasonably. Similar systems have been developed in China, such as the 050 series of power savers, after a good test, Yuesheng, Jiangsu Suining County, Ph.D., senior engineer.

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