Southco fast-lock fasteners for assembly and durability

National automobile production and sales have finally broken the “micro-growth” situation that has continued for nearly two years, with year-on-year growth of 16.7% and 14% respectively. According to the latest statistics released by the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Association (referred to as “the Association”), the national production and sales volume in the first half of the year reached 8.178 million and 8,565,200 respectively, surpassing the United States to become the world's number one, for the national and global cars. Manufacturing brings new business opportunities. The pursuit of high performance and low fuel consumption by car buyers is a major commercial consideration for car manufacturers when designing new models.

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Many new cars and trucks are now designed with a lightweight base plate that covers the entire underbody, improving aerodynamic efficiency and stability through aerodynamics, and reducing fuel consumption and noise. The fasteners used in this type of underbody must be strong enough to ensure long-lasting results. Automotive interior parts supplier Sosko said that the demand for such underbody is on the rise, which has also spurred demand from customers for related accessories such as Southco DZUS 1⁄4 turn-to-fast fasteners.


DZUS 1⁄4 turn quick-lock fasteners have the seismic performance, corrosion resistance, adaptability to temperature changes and their stability, so that they can not only meet the needs of the equipment, but also can be attached to the equipment panel in the released state. In order to ensure that it will not be lost, there are also a variety of beautiful lock models, the design is absolutely user-friendly. To improve assembly efficiency, DZUS fasteners can now be pre-punched to steel, aluminum or composite materials, a result of years of joint efforts between Southco and automotive customers.

As the name suggests, DZUS 1⁄4 turn quick-lock fasteners can be easily and quickly mounted on the underbody when assembled, and are also easy to loosen for post-assembly inspections. DZUS 1⁄4 turn quick lock fasteners are superior in many respects compared to conventional threaded fasteners. Although the price of the threaded system may be relatively cheap, both loading and unloading takes a relatively long time, which increases assembly costs. Therefore, DZUS 1⁄4 turn quick lock fasteners are a more valuable and cost effective solution.

Founded in 1930, the DZUS brand is renowned in many industries for its outstanding performance and design. Since its acquisition by Southco in 2004, the product portfolio has been continuously expanded through the ongoing efforts of the Southco team. One of its recently introduced products has studs that are aligned with the lock cylinder orientation, which not only makes it easy to identify the locking position of the fasteners, but also ensures that all fasteners are positioned in exactly the same position, ultimately making the installation process more efficient. In addition, the current new models use more fabrics as the fabric. Sosko looks at this new trend and offers a larger size area of ​​the buckle fittings to enhance the fixing effect through an effective load distribution.

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1899, Southco is a leading global provider of engineering entry solutions that spans the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, providing products and services to more than 70,000 customers worldwide. Southco offers a wide range of solutions including locks and fasteners for the marine, automotive, construction machinery/construction, rail transit, aerospace, enterprise hardware, chassis cabinets, computers, medical devices, industrial machinery and HVAC industries. Hinge/positioning control technology, electronic entry solutions and other application accessories.

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