Heme-di Mango å—¨ Q H7 three generations on the 8-core 64-bit performance monster

Heme-di Mango å—¨ Q H7 three generations on the 8-core 64-bit performance monster

Although hardware theory is wrong in the current contending situation in the TV box market, many times when we talk about an electronic product, we can't avoid starting with hardware parameters. After all, hardware is a product. The foundation and guarantee. This is even more prominent in the ever-changing TV box products, so the hardware configuration has always been the focus of competition among major box manufacturers. Recently, the concepts of quad-core and 8-core have long been not new words. Ultra-high-definition and hard-solving solutions have become familiar to consumers. At this time, Haimei Di has also launched a new trump card - 64-bit operating system!

As a veteran company in the field of television boxes, Heidi has always had a good reputation. Although the TV box industry has undergone many hardships, Haimeidi has been firmly occupying the leading position in the box market. With its in-depth research and unique concepts in the network set-top box industry, Haimeidi provides users with another beautiful TV box product.

After learning about this performance monster - 8 core 64-bit mango å—¨ Q H7 three generations of the upcoming news, the sofa Xiaobian also contact Haimei Di official for the first time and made a prototype. Below, we will take a look at the performance of the new hardware king along with Xiaobian's evaluation.


· Highlights

1. The first TV box product with 64-bit processor/Android 5.1 system/HDMI 2.0;
2. Smooth user experience created by high hardware configuration + depth system optimization
3. Classical, atmospheric and unassuming local gold appearance;
4. Haimei Di features, comprehensive and powerful product features;

· Out of the box and appearance

Just from the outside packaging, it seems that the three generations of mango pods Q H7 are not much different from their predecessors. Only the words of H7 three generations are marked in the lower left corner of the front, but users of the mango pod Q products know that the bottom right corner The 64-bit 64-bit is the first time it has appeared. It is also the biggest highlight of the three-generation listing of the Mango-Q-H7.



On the side of the box is Haiyidi's official micro-signal QR code, users can easily get relevant technical support and after-sales service on the mobile phone.



From the appearance point of view, the changes of the three generations of mango pods Q H7 are not large. Similar to the previous ones, the three generations of Haimeidi Mango 嗨 Q H7 are manufactured using a matte process. The metal surface is full of grain and feels very texture. The gray “mango 嗨Q" LOGO As for the top position of the machine, it is dotted with the right ones. The perfect craft design forged a luxurious living room, adding a beautiful landscape to the living room.

Interface, Mango Q Q7 is equipped with a wealth of interfaces, standard USB, SD card slot, HDMI, AV interface, cable network port, digital fiber and other readily available, can adapt to the needs of users of various scenarios, audio and video input The output is free from worry, the local audio and video can be enjoyed at any time, and the application software will be installed. It is worth mentioning that the third generation of Mango Q Q7 is the world's first TV box supporting HDMI 2.0, with a transmission bandwidth of up to 18 Gbps, and greater data throughput, enough to allow 12-bit color images to be displayed at a high frame rate of 60 fps. For the user to present even better 4K images.



The remote control still uses the traditional remote control. Although it is slightly lacking in aesthetics compared with the simple remote control currently on the market, the function is definitely better than many. The user can directly enter the mouse on the remote control. Mode to operate. At the same time, the operating mode of the numeric keypad is also more suitable for the elderly.

If you are interested in the appearance of the product, you may click on the link to see more about the appearance of mango 嗨 Q H7 three generations of high-definition pictures Appreciation: Mango 嗨 Q H7 three generations of 臻 beauty Appreciation (http://bbs.shafa.com/thread-244501- 1-1.html)

In general, Haimeidi constantly polishes the appearance of its own products to make them more in line with the aesthetic standards of modern people. At the same time, it guarantees a smooth and comfortable operating experience. From the appearance, it is still very pleasing.

· Hardware Configuration and Local Play Testing


In the sofa housekeeper's equipment performance score, the three generations of Mango® Q H7 received a high score of 10,139, because it was the first TV box product to use a 64-bit processor, and its detailed experience had to be realized in actual use.

As the masterpiece of Haimedi in 2015, the 64-bit 8-core Rockchip RK3368 processor built in the three generations of Mango Q Q7 has undoubtedly become the biggest highlight. The Rockchip RK3368 processor adopts the Cortex-A53 architecture and operates at 1.5GHz. , Built-in Mali-G6110GPU, can achieve the same level of graphics processing performance with the PC. Not only does the 64-bit processor double the number, the processor's data stream width increases, resulting in faster data calculations and faster user experience, and 32-bit processors are not competing at the same level. . The most obvious change brought about by the processor upgrade is that compared to 32-bit systems, the new Mango Q7 H7 has higher third-generation compatibility and stronger error correction capability.

And about Haimeidi mango å—¨ Q H7 three generations another feature - Android5.1 operating system. Based on Google's optimization of the new system, the application is run by default from the ART environment, thereby speeding up the opening and running of applications, and even installing applications are not small.



In the score of AnTutu, it scored a high score of 28337. From the point of view of scoring, the three generations of QH7 of Haimeidi Mango performed very well in 3D graphics. Therefore, in 3D large-scale games, it should be Has a very good performance. Therefore, users can choose a large-scale 3D game for casual use when using Haimeidi Mango Q Q7 to watch video fatigue.

The rich interface also provides convenience for users. In the local playback test, Xiao Bian has used many common formats of video files, including many ultra-high-definition 4K videos that can't be stopped by other TV boxes. Calmly, the playback process is smooth. What's even more rare is that after a 1h playback test, the body's heat output is limited enough to meet the user's normal use requirements.



The third generation of mango å—¨ Q H7 is RK3688 processor, with strong capabilities in video, can play 4K video playback and H.265 hard solution, but also can support 3D Blu-ray playback, with the HDMI2.0 interface, 4K The video can reach 60fps playback capabilities, allowing users to enjoy the true 4K effect. In addition, although HDMI 1.4 can also support 8-bit color 4K video playback, HDMI 2.0 is capable of processing 18 Gbit/s data enough to allow 12-bit color images to be displayed at a high frame rate of 60 fps per second.

In general, the three generations of Mango Q Q7 have very good performance in video support. 4K videos with different bit rates and different formats can be played smoothly. At the same time, 3D Full HD movies can be played smoothly, allowing users to have perfect video. Video enjoyment.

UI UI and online video resources

In the UI interface, Haimeidi uses the HIUI interface developed for TV boxes. It has extremely powerful human-computer interaction capabilities, making it easier for users to get started with TV boxes.


The HIUI system of Haimeidi mango å—¨ Q H7 is structured in three levels. The HIUI interface is divided into three modules: upper, middle, and lower, and the upper part is recommended for large-scale TV series. It is convenient for users to know the current hot content in time; the middle part It is a list of commonly used applications, allowing users to find the application they want to use as soon as possible; at the bottom of the interface is the function tag section, providing application management, media center, play records, video search and system settings several options .


In terms of network resources, the three generations of Mango QH7 cooperate with mango video, and people who like to watch Mango TV are very comfortable to use. However, due to the restrictions of relevant laws and regulations, many contents cannot be included in the three generations of mango Q H7. Watch for free.


Of course, since it is an Android system, users can expand their video resources by installing third-party software. Xiao Bian here still recommends the most popular sofa housekeeper on the market. After entering the official website to install the corresponding sofa housekeeper, the user You can easily install Xiaobian’s recommended video-on-demand live streaming software through the installation prerequisites.


After the sofa butler is installed, you can quickly install all kinds of video, music, games, early education and other applications directly on the TV. The sofa butler → recommendation → TV must have many common applications, such as HDP on-demand, on-demand pudding video.


· Game features

The game column can be seen on the desktop of the mango QH7 three-generation system. After all, such a box with outstanding performance has its performance in the game as a consumer's concern. In fact, the mango å—¨ Q H7 three generations specifically provide "my games" column, after opening it there are games recommended, but these games are not built-in, users can choose their favorite type of download.



In terms of game function, the 3D large-scale games can run smoothly because the three generations of Mango QH7 have a strong configuration. However, the number of games recommended by the native system is limited. Everyone can search for more and more interesting video games in the downloaded "Something" column of the sofa butler, and give full play to the performance advantages of the three generations of mango Q7.

· to sum up

As a sequel to the product, the performance of the three generations of mango pod Q H7 is remarkable. The hardware is equipped with the leading industry's 8-core 64-bit processor RK3368. The overall performance is four times that of the previous generation. The new 64-bit operating system, Android 5.1, brings an unprecedented interactive experience to the new Material Design user interface. In addition, in addition to the hardware advantages, the third generation of mango pods Q H7 is linked with mango TV video platform, providing users with massive HD, genuine, exclusive, high-quality content. Haimei Di WeChat on-demand, WeChat video promotion, WeChat remote control and other software features can be said to combine its content advantages and software differences.

The three generations of mango å—¨ Q H7 have been further optimized in terms of hardware, software and user experience compared to previous versions. With regard to prices, with such a significant increase in hardware, the price increase for the three generations of Mango Q Q7 is not obvious. Currently, it is starting at RMB 349 on Jingdong. Like friends can not miss slightly.

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