"Internet +" new path: GE Industrial Internet "1% power"

On July 7, at the "When Wisdom Meets Machines - Industrial Internet China Summit", GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt once again explained GE's industrial Internet thinking to Chinese users. Immelt believes that the future manufacturing industry will change the direction of development, equipment and analytical capabilities will inevitably be connected. If industrial enterprises want to seize opportunities, they need to be a software analysis enterprise. He also said that GE Industrial Internet put forward the concept of 1% power, which is the power of "Internet +".

Every industrial enterprise must also be a software company.

Immelt judged that the division of industrial enterprises and Internet companies is a thing of the past, which means that every industrial enterprise in the future must also be a software analysis enterprise.

Immelt explained the relationship between the industrial Internet and "Internet +". He believes that whether it is the industrial Internet or "Internet +", it actually contains five key elements: First, the Internet, which is very common in the consumer and industrial world; Second, smart machines, whether it is nuclear magnetic resonance or oil and gas equipment, are Sensors are surrounded by a large amount of information and technology; third is big data, and the ability to transform data into valuable information; fourth is mobility; fifth is professional people.

The role of "Internet +" is the 1% power that GE talks about. GE Industrial Internet has put forward the concept of 1% power. For example, in the field of aero engines, if you can save 1% of fuel, you can bring $30 billion in savings in the next 15 years. Any small change in the industrial world will bring great advantages, and GE calls it the power of 1%.

The consumer Internet is horizontal, about the connection of hundreds of millions of people, and the industrial Internet is vertical, which refers to transforming the industry's deep experience into useful knowledge in the future. This is the power of "Internet +". The Industrial Internet is geared toward enterprises, such as airlines, equipment companies, hospitals, etc. The most important characteristic of measuring it is whether it can deliver the results to customers, whether it can improve productivity, whether it can turn information into better asset utilization, Fuel usage or increased safety. The consumer Internet is connecting billions of people, like Alibaba, Facebook, to connect hundreds of millions of people.

"1% power" brings great advantages

What GE does is investing in talent and software analysis capabilities. GE builds a world-class partnership and builds its own ecosystem. For example, GE's Predix open platform allows customers to freely write their own applications and analyze them on the platform. GE creates digital solutions for each product, including every engine and gas turbine with its own digital solution and maximizing their capabilities and efficiency.

For example, Immelt said that through a combination of software + control (Industrial Internet), wind power plants can be turned into digital wind power plants, and each aircraft engine can carry out separate data analysis and upgrade. Fuel management efficiency also enables hospital medical equipment to improve diagnostic capabilities and utilization.

GE also applies the Industrial Internet to GE to improve operational efficiency. There is a GE factory (smart factory) inside GE, which installs 60 billion sensing devices on all GE machines, and also installs sensing devices in the supply chain, making all supply chains a unified database. Unified centralized management of GE's supply chain.

Immelt also shared his four experiences on how the Industrial Internet and "Internet +" are realized:

First, the chief information officer will become a very important role. They are the internal IT leaders. They understand both information technology and automation technology, and will realize the penetration of “Internet +” within the enterprise and better influence the enterprise. Future operations will drive increased speed, lower costs, and improved safety.

The second is the “1% power” of the industrial Internet. This small change will bring huge results.

The third is to change and innovate business models, which can bring better results to customers.

Fourth, the future direction of manufacturing will change. Today's manufacturing industry is digital + information to drive productivity, all of which can be placed under the vision of "Internet +" and "Made in China 2025". China is the only country in the world that has such a unique position to be able to make huge gains in the application of these new tools. In the future, industrial equipment and analytical capabilities will inevitably be linked, and industrial companies must seize this opportunity.

In addition, at the meeting, GE and China Telecom Group started cooperation based on the signed strategic cooperation agreement, and announced that GE Industrial Internet big data software platform is connected with China Telecom's telecom infrastructure and value-added services to form an overall solution for industrial Internet and promote industry. The Internet is used in aerospace, medical, energy, industrial manufacturing and other related industries.

According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will explore the use of GE's Predix software service platform and related applications, and China Telecom's telephone, Internet access and applications, mobile communications, data communications, video services and other comprehensive information services for the target customer base. Provide application solutions. The two sides will also cooperate in the fields of image cloud storage, telemedicine applications, smart manufacturing, and cloud computing.

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