Four characteristics of industrial robot operation

Industrial robot is a multi-functional, multi-degree-of-freedom mechatronics automatic mechanical equipment and system that can complete certain operational tasks in the manufacturing process through repeated programming and automatic control. It can be combined with a manufacturing host or a production line to form a single or multiple machines. Machine automation system, in the unattended, to achieve a variety of production operations such as handling, welding, assembly and spraying.

At present, industrial robot technology and industry are developing rapidly and are increasingly used in production. It has become an important high-level automation equipment in modern manufacturing. Since the advent of the first generation of robots in the United States in the early 1960s, the development and application of industrial robots has developed rapidly, but the most notable features of industrial robots are summarized as follows.

1. Programmable. Further development of production automation is flexible automation. Industrial robots can be reprogrammed as their working environment changes. Therefore, it can play a very good role in flexible manufacturing processes with small batches and multiple varieties with balanced and high efficiency. It is an important part of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). .

2. Anthropomorphic. Industrial robots have similar human walking, waist, arms, arms, wrists, and claws on the mechanical structure. There is a computer in control. In addition, intelligent industrial robots have many human-like "biosensors" such as skin contact sensors, force sensors, load sensors, vision sensors, acoustic sensors, and language functions. Sensors improve the ability of industrial robots to adapt to the surrounding environment.

3. Universality. In addition to specially designed dedicated industrial robots, general industrial robots have better versatility when performing different tasks. For example, replacing industrial robot hand end operators (hands, tools, etc.) can perform different tasks.

4. Mechatronics. Industrial robotics involves a wide range of disciplines, but it is a combination of mechanics and microelectronics – mechatronics. The third generation of intelligent robots not only have various sensors for acquiring external environmental information, but also have artificial intelligence such as memory ability, language understanding ability, image recognition ability, reasoning and judgment ability, etc., all of which are applied to microelectronic technology, especially computer technology. The application is closely related. Therefore, the development of robotics will certainly drive the development of other technologies. The development and application level of robotics can also verify the development and level of a country's science and technology and industrial technology.

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