Youku box K1 review: "No card" is a virtue

As one of the largest video sites in the country, Youku doesn't seem content to occupy your computer and mobile devices. Now your home TV is also targeted by them. In September last year, Youku launched the first box of TV box magic box, but it is more like a Youku content-providing OEM hardware products. In March of this year, Youku launched a TV box with better performance, Youku Box Ultimate K1, which has more of the brand name of Youku.
Compact appearance and voice remote control
Compared to the square box of Youku cubes, the Youku box K1 is small and sleek, with a black body, matte texture, and a palm-sized body that will not appear too sharp in any corner of the living room.

Youku Box K1 provides HDMI, RJ45 wired network ports, and provides a USB 2.0 interface and a TF card slot. Through the system's own file manager can directly play TF card or U disk downloaded movie content. However, the default player function of the system is relatively simple, and the aspect ratio of the video cannot be adapted. It is recommended to download the MX player in the application market of the system.

Its remote controller uses a mix of bluetooth and infrared remote controllers: it uses an infrared connection when it is switched on and on, and it needs to be aligned with the box; other operations use a Bluetooth connection without aligning the box. It is very convenient to use. The compact remote controller has one more voice function key than the common 11-key remote controller. Click this key to perform voice control on the box, such as searching for movies, switching channels, and other operations.

Under the author's less standard Mandarin, the speech recognition rate is fairly good. It can largely avoid the use of a remote control to manipulate the virtual keyboard to search for the video.
Performance can match millet 3 mobile phone

Most of the TV box marketing strategies on the market are to attract users quickly through low-cost strategies, and then get rewards through other value-added services in the platform. Therefore, the hardware cost control of the TV box is very strict, so the performance configuration is basically tragic. .
However, this time, Youku Box K1 gave us an unexpected surprise. The Rockchip RK3288 processor equipped with it was built using the CortexA-17 architecture. It has a 4-core and 1.8GHz frequency and integrates the Mali-T764 GPU.
It is widely used in mainstream performance Windows Tablet PCs, supports 2160p (4K) resolution H.265@60fps video decoding, even if you are using the latest 4K TV, Youku box K1 can also be smooth point-to-point output display .
If you are confused about these parameters, then a little simpler, what is the level of 37593's security Bunny v5.7 run you create? Almost twice as many as the mainstream TV boxes on the market! The performance of a TV box has reached the level of the mainstream smart phones, and it is also unprecedented.
Simple operation and timely update of source

After using the box for the first time, the remote controller and the box connection method will be automatically prompted after starting the machine. The schematic diagram is simple and clear and well received.

After the remote controller is paired, the system will automatically enter the Wi-Fi network setup procedure. It will be a bit unaccustomed to use the virtual keyboard in order to enter the password. Fortunately, there will not be too many remote control character input in daily use. operating.

After setting up, you can see that the main interface of Youku Box K1 includes TV dramas, movies, animations, and variety shows. After entering the channel menu, you can find more channels such as education, documentaries, children, and member zones.

In terms of film source richness and update speed, the Youku box for the Youku Box K1 is backed by a good tree. It is a popular TV series and shows, such as Detective Di Renjie and Brother Runner. Seasons, super-orators, etc., are all consistent with the latest version on You can enjoy the latest programs without turning on your computer.

The movie source is also quite good. Many of the 2015 cinema films have collections, such as the popular Wolf Totem, a step away, and a ten thousand years later, for users who missed the movie or want to relive the movie. It is a great choice. In addition to these, like Xiao said, absolutely did not expect, Youku Puppet and Confucius and other Youku self-made drama belongs to Youku exclusive copyright, others can not see the TV box.
It is worth mentioning that the video provided by Youku Box has passed the review of the CIBN broadcast control platform. Everyone can watch it with confidence and there is no risk of being “river crab”.
Although Youku Box K1's video sources are provided by Youku, but compared to Youku Video Website's 30 second or even 1 minute advertisement, even if it is not Youku Member, all videos will not appear ads, and Youku Box K1 is provided in the settings. Users liked to automatically skip the title, end of the film and other functions, it seems Youku is very sincere to their own TV box users. Of course, logging in Youku membership also has more privileges to enjoy, such as 1080p picture quality, free high-definition movies and other members of the zone.

All video streams in Youku Box K1 have standard definition, HD, and ultra-clear options, corresponding to 240p, 480p, and 720p video output. There are clearer 1080p, 4K, and 3D movie offerings (4K and 3D) in the member area. The source area belongs to the experience area and there are fewer film sources.
During the playback process, no matter whether it is switching between the large category menus or entering the library to select items, the response is very rapid. In the broadband network of the Beijing 100M network of the author (don’t envy the brother), hundreds of videos of each channel were piloted (even It's a 4K video, and it's even faster than Youku members can use to watch videos on the web. The basic is the feeling of playing local movies. At this point, the user experience of Youku Box K1 is still very commendable.
to sum up

Through the experience of the past few days, the overall feeling of the Youku Box K1 is quite satisfactory. The operation experience is very smooth, the video source is very rich, and the popular video is updated quickly. As an office family that spends most of its working time on computer screens, I may have more situations when I go home and would like to sit on the comfortable sofa in the living room and use the remote control to order some large movies to enjoy. Instead of using a computer or mobile client to play the entertainment you want to watch, this may be limited to movies and variety shows because I'm also interested in the content of news, sports and technology channels, etc. No offer, so if you want to put a concerned IT person back to the TV, Youku box K1 still needs to make the channel more abundant.
Finally, the Youku Box K1 can be purchased through the Youku Potato Tmall Store. The 399 yuan package is packaged nationwide at a slightly more expensive price than an ordinary TV box, but considering its excellent performance, we feel that it is worth the money.

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