[Product News] Kai Bore Reveals New 64-bit Android 5.1 Super Box M5 Debut

In fact, for a smart network set-top box, it is important to improve the hardware configuration. However, if the operating system used is far from keeping up with the hardware running requirements, then even the best configuration can't exert its inherent advantages. Suddenly, The new "64-bit" processor box has gradually entered the public eye with the debut of several domestic box manufacturers' recent new products, among which there is a box brand leader known as Kai Bor, who has publicly announced the first model to be advertised. With the open-port H9 of "64-bit processor + 16G storage + Android 5.1 system", it has attracted much attention from the box industry. However, Kaibor is not limited to creating a new product. In order to meet the different functional needs and different appearance preferences of consumers, Kaibul has always insisted on providing a variety of boxes.

Today, Xiao Bian brings another Kaibol M5 with the same hardware specifications as the “64-bit” processor. It is reported that it will be listed together with the recently opened Kebor H9 in July, and the specific selling price has not been disclosed yet. From the appearance point of view, Kaibul M5 has comparable to Apple's production technology, that is, one-piece aluminum alloy super hard body, is the box of mainstream consumer market another "64-bit" super.

Extraordinary Core: 64-bit true eight-core Rockchip RK3368

As the main new product of Kaiboer in the second half of 2015, the 64-bit true eight-core Rockchip RK3368 processor built in the KBolle M5 will undoubtedly become the biggest feature. The Rockchip RK3368 processor adopts the Cortex-A53 architecture and is the core of the true eight-core CPU. The eight cores operate efficiently at the same time. The operating frequency is 1.5GHz and the built-in Mali-G6110 GPU can achieve the same level of graphic processing performance as the PC. The 64-bit processor brings not only digital doubling, but at the same time increases the width of the processor data stream, enabling faster data calculation and faster user experience, and 32-bit processors can be described as not the same level Contest. With the arrival of Rockchip RK3368 processor, more powerful performance is stimulated: support hard H.265, maximum 4K@60fps video decoding output, transmission bandwidth up to 18Gbps. Therefore, for the online on-demand function essential for intelligent network set-top boxes, the Kaibul M5 fully possesses a good operational core, providing an online, unobstructed and easy on-demand box user experience!

Hard and soft combination: equipped with Android5.1 operating system

The KBolle M5's "64-bit" super box, a classic black brushed metal fuselage, super simple modern style, no fancy and fancy decoration, showing a very fine metal texture. Basic configuration, with 1GB of high-frequency operating memory, plus large 16GB EMMC storage space, Daxing really high-standard line; in the software is naturally the most advanced choice, M5 equipped with the latest Android5.1 operating system, based on Google The new system is optimized to run applications from the ART environment by default, thereby accelerating the speed of starting and running applications. Even installing applications is extremely fast, which greatly saves the operating time. The KBolle M5 benefits from the powerful performance of the most powerful 64-bit eight-core processor. Local decoding supports almost any format on the market, restores high-capacity HD content anytime, anywhere, and enjoys a fast local playback experience. In addition, a wireless network card is built in. At the same time, the body has a dual-antenna design with high gain and interference, which greatly ensures stable and effective wireless information reception. Therefore, the KBolle M5 is an intelligent network set-top box that is capable of playing online or playing locally.

According to the latest official disclosure, the Kaibor M5 super box will be available during the month of July. The perfect combination of hardware and software will be realized with "64-bit processor + 16G storage + Android 5.1 system", demonstrating box-level evolution to the box users. Whether or not the KBolle M5 can create new box myths has also sparked speculation among a number of professionals in the box industry.

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