Yiguang and Jingdian jointly develop infrared LED applications

Yiguang Chairman Ye Yufu revealed that Yiguang has joined hands with Jingdian to jointly develop special applications for infrared rays, which will help to get out of the LED Red Sea competition. It is understood that Jingdian has received orders for automotive LEDs, and Yiguang has also actively expanded production in response to market demand for vehicles.

Ye Haofu said that Taiwan's LED industry must focus on deepening several high-potential niche products and strengthen its separation from mainland products in order to break through existing development patterns, such as the application of infrared IR LEDs and UV-UV products. Especially in the field of power management and security control, we have cooperated with Jingdian to develop special application products.

At the photonics exhibition that just ended last week, Yiguang and Jingdian all showed the infrared related products. Jingdian exhibited the latest infrared technology, the high-performance conversion rate of infrared chips, which will be mass-produced in the second half of the year. It has received orders, including automobiles, night vision functions, security control, medical products, etc., and the gross profit margin of related products has reached 40%. the above.

Crystal Power spokesman Zhang Shixian stressed that its infrared chip has the highest conversion efficiency in the world. Due to its wider wavelength, it can increase the application of traditional IR, including biotechnology, including fingerprint recognition, retina. Identification and so on.

Zhang Shixian said that infrared light can be used in industrial quantity control, security systems and various consumer electronics. In the future, it will go to the field of network transmission, which is quite extensive and has considerable output value, including laser, security, plant lighting, and automobiles. People and cars are also one of them. As for medical treatment, there are wearable technologies, even those patients who do not have obvious blood vessels in the hospital, and can also sense blood vessels through infrared LEDs.

Yiguang also exhibited a variety of innovative products. IR products are suitable for a wide range of applications, from mobile devices to camera phones to security monitoring. UV LEDs are used in printing machines for drying, disinfection, sterilization, etc. Multiple facets.

Ye Haofu said that in the future, the capital expenditure of Yiguang will be expanded in the latter part of the new plant. The main force will be placed in the automobile and security control market. It is estimated that the new plant will be opened at the end of the year.

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